“By coming and working out with these two lovely ladies I found out that there was a bright path for me. They have put confidence back in my life and now I am sure I will get back to my physical abilities.”


“Rehab helped me majorly by making me stronger better balance and it got me back in my feet. I would recommend it to anyone else. Very good therapist they motivated me to reach my success. Thank you very much.”


“I was in king David for over a year! The rehab department helped me greatly! They were supportive and very patient. They gave me the tools I needed and eventually I was able to leave on my own two feet. I got my own job back. I work as a letter carrier and with all the work they did for me they gave me the strength and determination I needed to make it on my own. My life has improved so much. They are outstanding.”


“My experience with rehab was very good. They even got my hand to move well enough to eat a little better by holding the fork and knife better. They helped me to walk and get around better and they were very nice to me and I want to thank everybody for that.”


“Asian staff at KDC are incredible people. Go in for a visit and you will know exactly what I am talking about.”


“I really like the therapy and it’s stuff. It makes me feel stronger and have more energy now to do things. It feels easier to move in bed and getting out of bed.”


“I had a great experience at physical therapy especially with Nancy and Denise. They made me work hard so I could go home quickly. They were very patient with me they took their time and I worked at my own pace.”


“To the entire staff at King David center I want to thank all for your professionalism and the caring that you all showed me during my stay here. And a special thank you to my therapist for being so patient and understanding. Thanks to her I am back to doing all of the activities I enjoy doing.”


“Most therapists speak and great patients in a friendly way. They make them feel comfortable and entertained. Therapists monitor patients about how they are feeling. I feel stronger physically and capable at doing more things. My activities in physical and occupational therapy are fun and interesting. This is a good place. My therapists are helpful caring and attentive to my needs.”


“My wife is here in a temporary for rehabilitation after a very difficult surgery. When she came here she could barely help herself in almost anything. Like go to the bathroom walk or get out of bed. Now the physical therapists are using their skills have put her in a very healthy frame of mind and physically able to walk around helped by a walker. These lovely people are extremely respectful and careful in such a way that she is able to get out of bed long term.”


“The people who work in rehab go out of their way to make sure we are strong enough to go home. They are truly dedicated to this. They don’t let us give up.”


“I am going o start by saying rehab is fantastic. I never saw such dedicated workers. Everyone seems to be dedicated to making every resident better. Sam and Akil they made my balance and walking better. I feel more confident now to go home.”


“I had a good experience in rehab. I improved with my hands and my posture improved thanks to the therapists. The therapists were very nice and provided good education.”


“Everyone here is extremely knowledgeable in my exercises which they display to me. They are always encouraging me while I have doing my exercises.”


“Therapy was excellent. The therapists are terrific.”


“I placed my uncle at this facility a few months ago. I distinctly remember the first day he was admitted, I was greeted warmly by Kellyann the concierge. As you can imagine, it’s tough emotionally to see someone you love be in recovery. However, the nurses and rehab staff were so attentive and accommodating, which made me feel so comfortable knowing they’d be with him throughout his recovery process and make him feel acclimated. Not only was the food good and par with his diet, I noticed there was a few activities planned for the patients, I thought that was a nice touch. I highly recommend this rehab center for you and your family members for a speedy recovery!”


“Therapy was great. It helped my arms. I felt stronger. I can do a lot of stuff I wasn’t able to do easier before. I can get out of bed and walk far.”


“Since I have been doing allure my health has been improving. The staff is very good as choosing the best treatment for me. I look forward to working with them in the future.”


“Therapy is great. It made me strong and gave me better balance. Rehab is very nice and the therapist they did a great job. Thanks for everything King David did for me.”


“I had to place my uncle here in January 2017, straight from the hospital. It’s been 8 months and I have no complaints. He had dementia and I must say he’s improved tremendously. His room is clean and orderly, has his own TV, they label and take care of his clothing, he loves the food. He’s coherent and looks happy. Most of the patient’s here are in wheel chairs, my uncle can walk and feed and bathe himself.I visit often and the staff is hospitable.My uncle remained here for a full year, he was doing so well that the Director recommended I transfer hm to an Assisted Living facility which they recommended and I did. No complaints about this facility.”


“I believe the rehab here is excellent. As a matter of fact it is the only reason why I’m here. The staff down in rehab is wonderful as they’ve worked hard to rehabilitate my arm.”


“My experience with rehab has been wonderful. I progressed so much since staying with them. They make me feel special and they really care about my progress.”


“Therapy is great. Therapists helped me a lot to be stronger and walk better. Now I am able to put on my shoes by myself and I can go to the bathroom. I can fix my bed by myself and change my cloth.”


“I came here very sick and weak. I started physical therapy and am getting stronger. The therapists encourage me every day and the other residents too I am grateful for their help to recover.”


“Everyone is very nice and pleasurable and very well mannered. I received a lot of confidence with myself. I feel much stronger in my body.”


“The staff is knowledgeable. I love going to the gym. The therapy gym is well equipped with friendly staff.”


“I am thankful for my therapist Nelson and Sam. I am thankful for the amazing equipment at KDC. It strengthen my upper and lower body. My balance has improved this time around and I’m able to navigate stairs better than before. I got much stronger in my upper exterminating and im thankful for the weekend therapist. Once again I am thankful for my therapist Sam and Nelson.”


“I find my therapists dedicated and kind. They consider my need and have worked with me kindly and successfully, for which I am greatful. I appreciate them and their care and I am grateful for all they have done.”


“I have been in many rehab facilities before but the success that I got in this facility is incomparable to the other facilities in such a short time. Me and my wife are very happy with the results we saw in such a short time. The therapists are the best, thank you very much.”


“Physical therapy is excellent it’s a one on one which I find very beneficial. That is why you go to rehab in the first place so you can go home as soon as possible. The view from my room is great! My room is always very clean.”


“I feel that the rehab is great. I enjoy every moment of it. I’ve learned a lot, the exercises were challenging but I was able to meet all my goals. I want to thank the therapists here for all their hard work especially Akil and Franz in preparing me to get back home safely.”


“Rehab at KDC has helped me become stronger and gain more range in my shoulders. I can dress myself more independent now. Thank you rehab at KDC.”


“I worked with Grant and Husam. I had a great session. I wanted to walk and get my legs stronger. Grant really helped me get better. The team worked very hard with me everyday. Grant helped me get stronger and my walking is definitely better.”


“From the first meeting with the therapist I was confident. They act as a team and have a very personal touch with how they deal with each patient.”


“When I came to King David Center I really wanted to be able to live an independent life before I had to come here. I could never come as far as I did if it wasn’t for the team I had caring and helping me. The entire King David team helped me get back in my feet and live the independence life I wanted back.”


“I am very pleased with my progress at King David Center. Rehab has helped me become stronger and more independent.”


“I am very satisfied with the program and what it has done for me and my mobility. They have not only encouraged me to keep it moving but have also given me helpful tips in how to approach getting out of the bed or a chair safely.”


“Ten weeks ago when I began PT, I saw people also starting their PT who were barely able to sit in their chairs let alone do the exercises required. Now they are walking doing stretches using the various machines with smiles on their faces. I am one of those people. Thanks to the incredible PT and OT staff.”


“I am really thankful for all the help that I was getting to help me to go back to my normal life.”


“I am very happy with the progress I am making in rehab. I am getting stronger and feel more independent. I would definitely recommend king David center rehab to others thank you for everything.”


“Therapy is very important in the healing process. The therapists are top notch, which means they are the best. Trust them they know what they are doing.”


“King David rehab has been very successful. When I came here I couldn’t take two steps now I’m taking 50 steps. I would recommend the rehab to anybody that’s why I came back.”


“I like the exercise it make me walk with no pain. I am happy I am here. Walid and cheya are good therapists.”


“I really wanted to get back on my feet. After leaving King David center I am moving normally. I walk by myself and I have so much more endurance. The therapists are great!”


“I want to thank the rehab team for helping me be more independent. I appreciate the level of kindness and care they have shown to me since I came to this facility.”


“Husam and Johnny do a great job with me. I felt weak and bad balance. Now I am stronger and can walk.”


“I came here really wanting to get stronger and more control. Allure was able to help be get my control and strength back. They were great.”


“I am so happy with the rehab people. I really enjoyed the program the rehab team set for me. I would definitely recommend this facility to my friends.”


“The rehab here is excellent. And I would recommend it highly and I have. Therapy is the best I’ve never had a problem here.”


“I think you guys are terrific. I love you all.”


“The entire staff of the therapy department are great. Love them for all they did for me and my sister.”


“I learned how to use the eltro lay rix much better than before. Now people understand what I am trying to tell them. I am leaving happier than when I came because I can talk to people. I know about 75% of what my husband is trying to tell me.”


“I feel 90-100% better since I got here. I would like to continue therapy after I go home. The bike and playing ball are my favorite parts of therapy.”


“Great workmanship on behalf of the therapists who encourage us in every way to our very best. I’ve been improving greatly because of their unity in bonding for progress.”


“I want to thank rehab staff for helping me get better. I feel stronger, I could walk more and do more stuff since I started therapy.”